SUMMER 2021 Training

Summer Sessions at Playerz Choice

Monday through Thursday June 14th- August 27th

10:30am to 2pm 

**Fridays available by request please call ahead**

Sessions include:

1 hour blade treadmill 

1 hour fitness & agility

1 hour shooting & stick handling

30 minute lunch

Equipment needed: Lunch, water bottle, skates, stick, gloves

$50 per session

april special: 25% off sessions, buy as many as you would like

Friday ice sessions at ozaukee ice center

2009-11 $250

2006-09 $250

**goalies are 1/2 price**


45minutes skills & drills

45 minutes of scrimmages

friday June 18th- August 27th

(except july 2nd & july 30th)

2009-2011 9:30am - 11am

2006-2009 11:15am- 1pm

no checking

each player will receive a practice jersey

The teams will be randomly selected for the first two weeks and then the coaches will draft their teams for the remaining 7 games. winning team will receive championship t-shirts. a bbq will happen after the final game for all participants