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Hockey Training FAQs

1. How often should my player train?


           This can vary greatly depending on many factors such as schedule, budget, location, etc. Playerz Choice provides an opportunity to space out your training and continue to improve throughout the year. Some players train as much as 4 times a week, while most others train twice a week.


Most important: Training should be spaced out throughout the off-season and the winter, not just crammed in right before tryouts.

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2. Who is my instructor? Will I always work with the same instructor?     

      Playerz Choice has several trainers and you/your player will have a chance to work with at least a few different ones. All of our coaches teach the same skills and concepts so there is no confusion for the student; moreover each instructor’s unique personality and teaching style adds an element of freshness and excitement to each training session. Each program is customized for each student’s particular needs.

3. What are the benefits of training?

       The benefits of training with the Playerz Choice are plentiful. You will see improvements in your skills such as movement, skating stride, puck handling, and reflexes, all while having a lot of fun and being pushed out of his/her comfort zone. More importantly, players who train with an open mind inevitably improve their concentration, confidence, and generally enjoy the game more than ever before. 


Scientific studies have shown that after only 8 treadmill training sessions, male/female hockey players showed increased foot speed and leg strength resulting in a 10% increase in explosive power.

4. Should my son or daughter have sharp skates for their treadmill training session?

    In most cases they do not need a fresh sharpening before training, but skates should not be dull.  Players who are confident that their edges will hold can focus on technique that much more easily.

5. What do I need for a Playerz Choice off-ice training session?


           You will need to wear athletic clothing and shoes and bring your stick, gloves, andskates. A water bottle is necessary as well! 

6. How do I sign up for a training session?  

             Registration is all online. Click on the BOOK NOW and you will be taken to our online booking system. We require all sessions to be paid in advance during registration, please contact  if you have any issues.

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