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Cancellation and Refund Policies

Playerz Choice is a year-round top notch hockey training facility and retail store for hockey and lacrosse. Our expectation is that member athletes will attend our scheduled camps, practices, and tournaments that we have paid in advance to the vendors that are providing training resources. That includes tournament fees, facility rentals such as ice time, hotels, etc.

Cancellation by Playerz Choice

If a training event or season program is cancelled by Playerz Choice, you will receive a full refund. Cancellation can be a result of enrollment below our minimum, lack of resources, or other reason that prevents our training event or program to occur with the following exceptions. 

  • Playerz Choice reserves the right to cancel any practice, camp, or other training event due to weather related events such rain, snow, or other issues that prevent the safe use of a facility or if notified by the facility operator that we are unable to use for any reason. Tournaments are cancelled by the tournament directors and we have no control over their decisions and our enrollment in tournaments have no refund policy. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued under these circumstances. 

  • In the unlikely event that a scheduled tournament game or tournament event has an inadequate number of players where Playerz Choice cannot participate due to circumstances that are out of our control, no refund, or partial refunds will be issued. We make every effort to make sure that we have an adequate number of players and will make every effort to fill any vacancies to get the minimum number of players.

Cancellation by You Prior/After to Program/Season Start

No refunds are given. This includes player injury, moving out of area, or other reasons that prevent you from participating in a program that has already started. Start of season or training event is defined as the start date and time of the first scheduled event according to the published season/program schedule.

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