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Why Choose Treadmill Training?

Skating is a very specialized skill and its taught on a specialized surface...Ice.

Ice time is expensive and hard to come by. As hard as our player's coaches work, its impossible to be able to focus on each of their players in the 20 mins of skating drill time allotted. That's where the treadmill comes in.

Each player on our treadmill will have one on one individual coaching, tailored to their current skill set, age, and level. The treadmill also allows us to safely take you beyond what you can do on the ice-so you learn to skate faster and improve your efficiency and conditioning.

Players skate in front of a full-length mirror, giving them real time visual feedback, this allows for players to see the corrections and feel the difference in the stride at the same time. Muscle memories are formed in this time. This all translates to success on the ice!!

Treadmill Benefits: -Improve skating stride mechanics -Increase power, speed and quickness -Increase coordination, strength and balance -Maximize stride length -Improve speed and mobility while handling puck -Develop solid skating foundation after just a few sessions

Scientific research shows that incline treadmill skating recruits key muscles at a level two to three times higher than rink skating at the same stride frequency, which helps you produce more power during each stride, during both push off and recovery.

How long do I need to go?

In as little 6-10 sessions players see a noticeable difference/improvement in their stride mechanics. However, skating does take awhile to get better at, and permanent changes can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to occur. With our progressive curriculum you will be challenged every time he or she trains on our Blade treadmill!

Sign up at or us the signup button on our FB page to check out packages, memberships and to book your session!

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